Week two marathon training, CHECK!

Hello friends!

It’s official, I survived week 2 of my marathon training! 

So, as I mentioned last week I will update you on my progress, struggles, thoughts, eats, and tips as I make my way to the NWM 2013.

A few struggles this past week:

*Still not getting the optimal amount of sleep.  I tried really hard, but no dice.  So, my goal to increase my snooze time from last week still stands.

*Sped up too quickly in the long run & wasn’t able to maintain my pace.


Progress made in the past week:

*Added a few protein shakes & several bars to my normal day of eating to prevent Hangry Hali.

DSC_0778 IMG_0074

*Stuck to the schedule!

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: Vinyasa yoga class

Friday: 3 miles

Saturday: 8 mile long run

Sunday: cross train day- boot camp class and lots of walking

*Did something awesome and new for cross training (yes, I woke up SORE yesterday)

*Completed the 8 mile run on a very warm (for SF) day

Favorite meal of the week:

three little words…


Gluten free pancakes with peanut butter & fresh strawberries

Yesterday ‘s training (with two new street art finds… I couldn’t resist snapping a pic!)

Inspiration station:

“Intelligent” inspiration

Neuroscientists at Cambridge University have shown that ” running stimulates the brain to grow fresh grey matter

“I run for the cute gear” inspiration

Pin it!

“I like love bad music” inspiration

“No explanation necessary” inspiration

Pin it!
Pin it!

What are some of your goals for the week?

What is the most delicious thing you ate recently?

How do you get to bed at a decent hour??




10 thoughts on “Week two marathon training, CHECK!

  1. Love, love, love that 13.1 t-shirt! I repinned it as inspiration for my possible half marathon in January! As far as getting to bed at a reasonable hour goes, I feel your pain. I had a MASSIVE amount of trouble sleeping over the past year and I’m just now getting back to normal. Is your problem falling asleep or just getting everything done so you can go to bed?

    1. Isn’t it cute!? You will rock your half marathon whenever you do it! I sleep like a baby as soon as my head hits the pillow (I’m lucky!). My problem is just stopping and going to bed! I have mad respect for people with insomnia/have trouble falling asleep… That would drive me crazy!

  2. I love your tights and that shirt! Sometimes I think I run just to be able to wear running shorts so frequently 😉

    1. Thanks! When I was in yoga school I made it my mission to have to craziest collection of spandex possible since I spent so much time in them 🙂 I agree.. Sometimes I think I run to have an excuse to waste more money on running clothes haha!

  3. Love the shirt! Setting ,my goals today…..10,000 steps per day, at least 3 yoga classes and walking with Grace at least 4 days. Also stop working at 6:00pm, and take a day off sometime this week, even if it’s 2 half days instead. xoxoxo

    1. I know… I need this shirt don’t I?? 😉 Love, love your goals!! What a great mix of self care and hard work. You rock mama girl! A day off is essential!!!!!

    1. Grandpa!! I would love it if you could be at my first marathon! It was great seeing you at the finish of the Whiskey Row 1/2 marathon. Karen and my mom are planning to come to the full in October. Hope you’re well! Xoxo

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