The greatest date


Happy Sunday to you.  I was excited to get out of bed today because I had a date with my darling friend Kelly.  We went to Athleta for another free class!  Today was BootCamp with Brighton and it rocked my world.  I had never tried a boot camp class before but within 10 minutes, I decided that I love it for the following reasons:

-It is done outdoors (fresh air ahhh)

-The moves are easy to do & you can feel them working (squats, burpees, push ups, etc)

-You can make each move harder or easier as needed (15 or 20 lb “sandbells”, you can run faster/slower, squat faster/slower, etc)

-It will help you build muscle & seems like a GREAT addition to marathon training

After the class, the cool gals at Athleta were kind enough to let us shop before they were even open.  Remember that gift card I told you about yesterday??  Just wanted to reassure you that I had NO problem spending it (in about 20 seconds) 😉

I got an adorable pair of running capris, a running skirt, and finally got a hydration belt! When I got home, I modeled the belt for Lali and even demonstrated how I would look running with it on.  (How he puts up with my post-workout energy is beyond me!)

After spending my gift card  my amazing shopping spree, Kelly and I headed over to Jane for some seriously good coffee and conversation.

Almond milk latte from heaven
Love their daily funny
Post boot camp
Jane being its cute self with these little babies at the register

The rest of the day I will get some chores done, study, stretch, and lounge around.  I hope you are having a pleasant day!

Have you ever tried a boot camp class?

Do you like to weight train?

Do you have a hydration belt for long runs?  What brand/features do you like best?



2 thoughts on “The greatest date

  1. I love weight training. Seriously, I think I have a problem. I also really like Pilates. Like you, I can feel both of those things working as I do them, and there’s something really good about that feeling. Your hydration belt is really cool! You look like such a hardcore runner!

    1. I am really loving weight training too!! Love to feel strong! I have only done pilates a handful of times, but have liked it. I love the pilates spring board that I get to use at a class called Burn. Isn’t the belt funny?! I look like a total running dork but will really be glad to have it when I start hitting 12+ mile long runs/

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