Inspired by inspiring others

HELLO! How’s it going?

I got the most amazing text message from my Mom the other day….


After reading this I smiled, cried a little (on the inside) and stopped to appreciate the fact that my dedication to living a healthy life, actually has the ability to inspire someone else.

This “healthy life” isn’t something I have always had and isn’t something that just “comes easy”.  In reality, I work every single day to love myself.  This may sound funny, but a HUGE part of living a healthy life (for me) has been remembering I am human, remembering that I am not perfect and learning to accept myself for who I am.

Part of this healthy living thing is squashing negative body talk consistently and eating well to fuel my active (AND potentially inactive) lifestyle.  My path to this point in my life has been winding, bumpy, muddy, unpleasant, and sometimes scary.  But, here I am.


I am humbled by the fact that my mother can find inspiration in me.  And, I am so very grateful for her sending me this message.  It is amazing how motivating it is to realize that what you do in your life, has the potential to inspire others.

I am INSPIRED by inspiring my mom and know that at this very moment, all the hard work is (and was) worth it every day.


Who inspires you??

What inspires you??

How do you love yourself??  (by forgiving myself when I mess up and fueling myself with positivity, chocolate, and food 😉 )



10 thoughts on “Inspired by inspiring others

  1. Good post! I like the inspirational messages. What inspires me is not wanting to be unhealthy again. I had to work hard and make tough choice to lose weight and get on a healthy path. Moving forward keeps me inspired.

  2. I get inspired thinking about being 70 years old and going on a morning run with my retirement home girlfriends 🙂

    1. You are adorable! Ha!! What an image! That’s great inspiration. I think about how I want to stay strong an healthy throughout my life too… Especially when I’m at work with 96 year olds that seriously kick butt still.

    1. Molly! Isn’t she the cutest?? Thanks lady… I give mad credit to Karen O of the yyy’s for her song “men they like me cuz I’m a warrior, a warrior!!” –got to me at a young age 😉

  3. I am blessed to be a part of your life my dear! You have always been a shining light, and it’s so wonderful for you to finally see it! Love you!

  4. What a wonderful text from your mom!

    I’m inspired by my son. I don’t ever want him to face the challenges I faced growing up and I hope that I can model a healthy lifestyle for him to follow.

    I’m inspired by my friends and my husband who have shown me just how much is possible.

    I love myself by doing the best I can for myself in mind and body. Being tough on myself when I need a kick in the butt, being gentle on myself when I need a break. That kind of thing

    1. I love that you are thinking about your son in that way! He is a lucky guy and will benefit from watching you take care of yourself! I loved that text from my mom…. Isn’t it cool to see that it all comes full circle?? Parents caring for, inspiring, and teaching kids and then their kids doing that for them!

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