Week one Marathon training, CHECK!

Happy Tuesday friends!

I have successfully finished week one of my Marathon training program. I look forward to sharing my weekly gains, struggles, thoughts, eats, inspiration and tips with you as I train for the Nike Women’s Marathon!!

A few struggles this past week included:

* Not getting enough sleep.

Goal this week: Go to bed a little earlier since I am waking up at 5:00 AM and then working a 9 hour day. Being tired for one week works, but WON’T work for the next 18.

*Not bringing enough/the right food to work.

Goal this week: Pack my lunch/snack at night so I can just grab it and go. Up my protein intake by adding in a protein shake after long-ish runs or weight train days.


I also made some great strides in the past week: PR in average min/mile, woke up at the crack of dawn for 4 workouts, and stuck to the schedule!

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My Favorite meal of the week: kale, quinoa, avocado, almond, veg, & roasted organic chicken salad. IN FOODIE HEAVEN.


Yesterday ‘s training:

3 fast (for me!!!) miles. I am loving that the training program starts out with several 3 milers, such a perfect distance for the early morning!

Inspiration station:

Keep on kicking butt in whatever you are doing!!!

Do you have any goals for the week/month/year?

How do you get inspired?



2 thoughts on “Week one Marathon training, CHECK!

  1. Great quotes! I printed up the one about ….if your dreams don’t scare you…..I put it in my coaching notebook.

    You have such drive! I’m proud of you.

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