Wow! Can’t believe it’s Friday (don’t worry, I’m definitely NOT complaining).  It’s been a whirlwind week! Since my big news and my official first day of marathon training, my schedule has been packed to the gills!

I have had dinner with friends, early morning workouts, short lunches, and long work days.

Amazing salad on my quick break: spinach, mixed greens, bell pep, artichoke hearts, sunflower seeds, chicken breast chunks, cherry tomatoes, raisins, black olives, and a scoop of rice with liquid aminos!

IMG_2593 IMG_2611

My sister also happened to be in town Wednesday for a very quick trip so of course we had to hang out.  This included dinner, ice cream that I could actually eat (vegan chocolate coconut OMG, makes my mouth water thinking about it, good), a city walk, hanging with some rad friends and the cherry on top???  A slumber party at her hotel!!

Being silly
Birite Creamery. mMMm MmMM good.
The Hyatt!


The cool thing about staying in a hotel (besides throwing your towel on the ground and having your bed made for you) is waking up and taking the elevator to the gym! Since I don’t have a gym membership it’s always a little treat when I get to go!  I decided that since it was a non-run day on my training schedule I would hit the weights.  I did three sets of each machine with squats, planks, jacks, or various crunches in between sets.  Then, I jumped on the elliptical for 2 miles to get my sweat on a little more before leaving.


This morning began with what felt like the longest five miler of my life, a green smoothie, and stretch sesh.

Next on the crazy agenda: my cousins are coming into town tomorrow !!!  For someone pretty anti-social, I’d say I earn a gold star and a cookie for this week.  I am really excited to have my cousins stay and to show them around San Francisco.  Here is to one insane, yet awesome week!

How has your week been?

Do you like to be a busy bee??

Do you like gyms?




2 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. I’ve been busy, busy all week as well. This morning I had to go over to my new house and wait for the refrigerators to be delivered…..I waited almost 2 hours. There is nothing to do there since it’s basically an empty house…. it was heavenly to lay on the carpet, cat nap, and play some games on my phone. I felt like I was playing hookie!! sometimes it’s nice just to sit and do nothing for a little while~ enjoy the cousins!

    1. Sounds fabulous mama! I can’t wait until you’re officially in your new house! I love that our lives always seem to be parallel- when you’re busy I am too! :). Excited to have Cami and Torrey visit! Should be fun! Sunday when they leave, I am overdue for a cat nap !!

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