On my way!


I started my day off right with a hilly run.  It feels damn good to be back! Then I hustled around, gulped down my green smoothie, and got my booty to the airport with time to spare.  Phew!

Thanks for waking up early Lali! 🙂



I am so excited ecstatic right now.  I am on my way to see my best friend in the whole, wide world-  My sister Alisa! You will probably never hear me call Alisa “Alisa”.  Nor will you hear her call me “Hali”.  That would be way too boring and normal.  Instead, I call her “girl”, “amoureuse” (yes there is a detailed story behind this nickname AND a tattoo.  I’ll explain another day), “McDo” (again..a back story), many variations of “McDo” like “Mcdozable”, and probably several others that I am forgetting.  Anyway, I am beyond stoked to visit this darling dear for FOUR whole days!


IMG_0225 IMG_0243 IMG_1354I also get to see this awesome guy…You can call him the Italian Stallion! (Nickname subject to change ;-))


I haven’t seen my sis or her love (Italian Stallion) since the Whiskey Row 1/2 Marathon, which was on May 3rd.  That is FAR too long for me.  I used to be able to visit my sis with just a 3 minute walk (before she moved).  I am still in mourning over this change.  I plan on soaking up as much sun as possible, eating all the good food my sister keeps bragging about, and enjoying the company of great family.  We are also planning on going to a yoga class and I foresee many walks with the pups.

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you live close to your siblings?

Anyone racing or doing any training runs this weekend?



3 thoughts on “On my way!

  1. My sister is my best friend too!! She is just 2 years older and lives in NYC (I am in Indianapolis) so I don’t get to see her much!! I love that you are close with your sis and her “italian stallion” haha that kills me 🙂

    Planning on a long run today if this rain ever quits. Call me a wimp if you want, but starting a long run when it is rainy/windy is just not ideal…! We shall see! might be moved to tomorrow!

    HAVE FUN!!! 🙂

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