When a runner can’t run


Hope your Wednesday is treating you right!  I have been at home all daywhich is very strange on a week day.  Unfortunately, I had to get a minor nose procedure yesterday.  Fortunately, this procedure is supposed to put an end to 8 months of breathing out of only one (or half of one) nostril.  So, I am in recovery mode.  This is NEVER easy for me.

What do runners do when they have a mandatory rest day (or a couple…) and can’t run?

In my case this means researching races, reminiscing last weeks runs/workouts, and telling myself that proper recovery time will only make me a better (and stronger) runner.  It is hard when you are not well enough to do what you love but you actually have the motivation and WANT to go do it.  Makes me think about all of the times I have been healthy and totally capable but too lazy, tired, busy, etc. to actually go out and kick butt.

After a lot of resting this morning, I did a little of this said “race research” and got pretty freakin excited 😉 In just 5 days, the random draw/registration for the Nike Women’s Marathon opens!!!  This year marks the 10th anniversary for the race.


I’ve done the 1/2 marathon twice and both times it was an amazing experience.  There is something about running amongst thousands of women that makes me feel all warm (strong, empowered, awesome) and fuzzy inside.  Kind of like a “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!” thing.485432_545853442119783_95070262_n

The other awesome thing about the NWM is it’s location- San Francisco!  I think you already know how rad I think SF is, so I will spare you another talk on that.  I love running in the place I live.  I so appreciate being able to get to and from the expo and race quickly.  I have run this race with my favorite gal Kelly both times, and that makes it even more memorable.  Kelly (aka tough as nails) actually ran last year (and ran hard!) despite a pretty bad cold that she couldn’t quite kick.  Crossing my fingers for super health status this year.

I will be keeping it lower key then usual for the next few days.  Maybe a chance to catch up on a few books that I started a million years ago.  I will keep remembering that once in a while slowing down to heal and recover is a GOOD thing.

What did you do today??

What is your favorite 1/2 or full marathon??

Ever had to take a break from running?



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