Slowpoke with big aspirations

In my junior year of high school I joined the track team.  It was a breath of fresh air from team sports for someone like me.  I was easily the slowest and least seasoned runner.  Even though the idea of that bothered the perfectionist in me, I stuck the season out.  The girls I ran with were great.  Fast, strong, amazing women I wished I had met my Freshman year.  It seemed like every few track meets I would get a PR on the mile.  The cool thing about starting off as a major slowpoke is that when you set your PR, it’s by minutes not seconds.   The more I ran the stronger I became.  The stronger I became the more confident I became.  The minutes flew off my mile time.

From this season in track I learned many things.  I learned that it didn’t matter that I was one of the slowest because I had heart and I had perseverance.  I learned that running was for anyone brave enough to lace up their shoes and go do it.  My mile time dramatically decreased by the end of the season and I will never forget how great that felt.

Today my goal was to do a shorter run with a quicker average pace per mile.  I have been stuck in the 8:30-8:45 min/mile spot for a while now because it is comfortable and I can run up to 13 miles maintaining that pace.  Time to get OUT of the comfort zone.  Just because I am a slowpoke at heart doesn’t mean I don’t have big aspirations.  I want to run longer, faster, stronger, better.  I want to run a full marathon and be able to cross it off my bucket list.

goal for the day accomplished! 8:02
CS run face, always the same

After my short run in the thick fog and mist I walked up Bernal Hill.  I love this hill.

And I love the view from the top.  (not very good on such an overcast day 😉 )


I hope you had a great Memorial day with friends or family!! BIG gratitude and love to all of those who gave their lives for our beautiful country!

What are some of your goals?

Are you fast, slow, or somewhere in between??



4 thoughts on “Slowpoke with big aspirations

  1. You Give hope to all of us 11 minute Milers! My Mottos is “It doesn’t matter how fast I run. I still run. I Finish. I’m a Runner”.

  2. I’m still a slow poke but working on getting better! I loved all those new PRs when I started running. Such motivation to keep going 🙂

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