Reason number 34,378 why I love San Francisco: waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning and watching CARNAVAL from my window while eating french toast & drinking a green smoothie.


Carnaval San Francisco is a beloved two-day event featuring a Grand Parade and two-day Festival, celebrating music and cultural elements from  Latin American and Caribbean traditions. Now in its third decade of celebration,  Carnaval San Francisco has been an event for many cultures to come together in one spirit to share their creative expression.”

After watching the parade from my window for a while, Lali and I hit the streets to get an even better view.  I snapped about 1,000 pictures and couldn’t quite get enough!  The colors, sounds, and sights were absolutely fabulous.  The dancers and performers were wonderful (talk about energy and SPIRIT!!!!!).

There is never a shortage of culture in San Francisco.  One of the best feelings in the world was moving here.  I will always remember the day I arrived- a shy, insecure girl from a small town, fresh out of high school and itching for change.  It was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by so many different types of people.  Acceptance is a beautiful thing.  It is great to feel confident in who you are.  It is even better to live somewhere that celebrates diversity, applauds creativity, and never looks twice at someone who stands out.

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How do you make a perfect day even more perfect?? GET HOT CHOCOLATE with a good friend of course!  You know you are a serious chocoholic when you go to a chocolate cafe twice in the same weekend.  I got the European drinking chocolate, which they made dairy-free for me.  It was love at first drink.


Can’t quite believe that I have tomorrow off work.  I LOVE three day weekends!!!  I feel like you truly get to decompress when you have three full days.  The rest of today will be spent walking around my great neighborhood and enjoying the little things.  I will also bask in the after glow of Carnaval and celebrate the things that make me unique! You should too!!!

What did you do today?

Any Sunday traditions?  (my Sunday RUNDAY was not possible with the festivities of Carnaval)

What makes you unique?



6 thoughts on “Carnaval

  1. You are adorable! Love your posts, your spirit and your appreciation for who you are, where you are, and the love you have for your friends and your wonderful life. Keep spreading the love… it will tumbleweed (that’s a Kelleyism and a very good thing)…

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