If you’re having a lousy morning, call your sister!

Or your friend, your mom, your dad, your brother, your lover, or your aunt. Then take a run.  If you still don’t feel better… maybe try some dark chocolate?  A green smoothie?  Dance it out to your favorite song?

This is exactly what I did today.  I started my day off on the wrong foot.  Then I texted my BFF Kelly and called my big sis Alisa.  GOOD decision.  An instant pick-me-up.  Then I put my running clothes on, stretched it out, and left the house.  GOOD decision number 2.  Sometimes it’s easy to sacrifice your health and fall back into crummy habits when you have an “off day”.  Don’t let an off day be an excuse.  Usually the times you feel LEAST like running, eating a good meal, or taking care of yourself are the times when you would benefit from the endorphin rush or antioxidant punch the most.

My run was tough but I am so happy I went.  I had no distance goal or training plan in mind.  Sometimes, having no plan is a great plan.  After my run I foam rolled, stretched, and guzzled some cherry limeade flavored Nuun.  This stuff is delicious.

Next, it was a walk to the park and a pit stop at Dandelion Chocolate.  Bean-to-bar, single origin, dark chocolate with only two ingredients: cocoa beans & cane sugar (can you say absolutely perfect).  Dandelion is only about a 15 minute walk from my house and I just found out today that all of their hot cocoa is made with almond milk!!! I will definitely will be indulging in that thick, dark drinking chocolate soon.  I stuck with a fine bar of dark chocolate made from Venezuelan beans.  Bye-bye upset/emotional/woke up on the wrong side of the bed Hali.

I hit up GNC on my way home from the park and got a few protein bars (couldn’t resist the buy three, get one free).  The rest of the evening I plan on relaxing and making something delicious for dinner.

I hope you are having a fabulous Saturday!!!

Did you run today? (yuuuup!)

What are some of your instant pick-me-ups??  (run, chocolate- bet you couldn’t have guessed ;-))

Who do you call when you need a boost? (My sis- AKA Amoureuse, girl, or Mcdozie)



5 thoughts on “If you’re having a lousy morning, call your sister!

  1. Hi Hali! So nice to be hearing from you via this fun blog! It’s a great way to keep in touch, especially for this very anti- social relative of yours!!! ;o) Sounds like a great day after all! Now I’m thinking about that hot chocolate….

    1. Thanks for reading Karen! It is so great to be able to update my family on a daily basis since I am a total hermit too 😉 I am actually drinking the hot chocolate as I type this… yes a true chocoholic goes to a chocolate cafe twice in one weekend! When you come to visit SF I will bring you here.


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