Bang for your buck

This morning I didn’t have the luxury of time. Since I knew I had a long work day ahead of me, fitting a run in meant jumping out of bed right when the first alarm sounded. That is always the hardest part…Actually pulling myself out of a warm bed to go get my workout on… In the cold and dark.

Thankfully today didn’t seem so bad. No lagging. Just a quick foam roll and stretch sesh and then out the door I went. Since I could only run about 3 miles with the time I had, I decided to hit some hills. The awesome thing about San Francisco is that you don’t have to run very far in any one direction to hit some gnarly hills.

The great thing about running hills is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. Did you know that you activate all three types of muscle fiber when you run hills? Running Times has a great article on mastering hill workouts. Check it out here! tumblr_lxjgbbhICx1r8vswvo1_500

Another awesome thing about running in San Francisco?? You can easily distract yourself by discovering new graffiti and beautiful murals. Today I saw my fair share, some old, some new.

Do you like hills?  Hate em??

Where you live are there a lot of hills?

How do you get the most bang for your buck when you’re pressed for time??

How was your Thursday?



6 thoughts on “Bang for your buck

  1. I swear reading this really motivates me! Tomorrow I’m gonna get up, put on my new sneakers and take Grace out to find a few hills! Thanks!

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